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Here at the LCDC all the officers that work in your organisation are also working cab drivers. We are the best placed among all the trade representation organisations to understand the day-to-day pressures and influences that affect your livelihood. As Licensed London Cab Drivers, just like you, we also experience it first hand and do not rely on asking a cab driver “What’s it like out there?”

You can be in no better hands than by joining the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC). We work tirelessly to ensure our members’ future within the Licensed London Taxi Trade by taking every step that is necessary to protect your livelihoods.

For LCDC and non-LCDC members, just leave your email address at the bottom of the page and we will send The Badge out to you digitally. You can even read it on your mobile phone!

Please send in your photo of any illegal activity by Uber with a brief description to, We are collating as much information about Uber to present to members of Parliament, House of Lords, the London Assembly and TFL. This way we will be able to educate them about what is really happening out there on a daily basis.

LCDC Latest News

LCDC call for Judicial Review of Uber License Decision

LCDC call for Judicial Review of Uber License Decision

The LCDC have today called for a Judicial Review of the Uber Licensing Decision in light of Emma Arbuthnot's statement regarding a possible conflict of interest with her husbands business interests and links to Uber. Grant Davis, Chairman of the LCDC said...

Uber – TfL KNEW It Was Illegal by Tim Fenton

Uber – TfL KNEW It Was Illegal by Tim Fenton

While driver and rider matching service Uber continues to operate in London pending its appeal against Transport for London declining to renew its operator’s licence, information comes to hand showing that TfL knew there were problems with Uber and Private Hire...

Trade Meeting with LEVC

Today I attended a meeting with LEVC, mytaxi, GETT, UNITE and blue Rubicon. Unfortunately, I'm guessing due to other commitments there was no LTDA, UCG, RMT present which is a shame as I believe the new Taxi we are having to buy could maybe be a bridge to far for the...

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