Business Secretary Sajid Javid agrees to meet LCDC over Uber.


Sajid Javid the secratery of state for business and the president of the board of trade.

Several weeks ago, the TfL consultation into the new PH Regulations were “leaked ” to a National Newspaper and subsequently there were many stories and articles quoting MPs, TFL, the Mayor and unexpectedly, the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid who seemed to be coming out in favour of Uber and how they were so modern and fantastic for Londoners.

The Business Secretary went so far as to make a statement saying he would ” face down” London cabbies who opposed the Uber app:

Statements like these cannot go unchallenged and instead of just criticising him, I decided to pen him a letter requesting a meeting with us to discuss both his comments and his view of the taxi trade as Dinosaurs.

I am very pleased to say that I have since received a reply and am in the process of agreeing a date for this meeting to go ahead.

I will be asking our taxi apps, Hailo, GETT, Cab;app to attend as well as LTC to show him just how technologically advanced the licensed taxi trade is and what a great service we do for London.

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