Tfl ask Trade “How Can We promote the Knowledge?”

Yes, you did read that right, Tfl have asked the Trade Orgs today for ideas on how Tfl should / could promote the KOL.

After 15 mins I could not refrain myself and told Tfl attendees that the reason the numbers for the KOL are at an all time low was solely due to Tfl allowing the PH industry to operate in our market place with None of our Costs and also more importantly NONE OF OUR TRAINING, and I told them I felt personally insulted by the meeting.

This was no more than window dressing by Tfl where they can say that they are “committed” to helping the Trade, Utter bullshit.

They talked about grants and funding to help people survive whilst undertaking the KOL, but I said if the job still had the same value as it used to have before UBER was allowed by Tfl to decimate our trade, the whole question of funding and incentives would be irrelevant.

KOL students are not bothered about gaining certificates they can hang up on the wall…. they want a job to support their family.

Tfl also asked the Orgs present if they should ask other “stakeholders” to attend the next round of meetings, these would include the apps and vehicle manufacturers… oops sorry, I meant manufacturer singular.

I must say this meeting proved to me yet again what a complete and utter joke TFL are in their handling of the Trade, and as I stated earlier, this is just a box to be ticked and no more than a window dressing exercise.

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