Yellow & Green Identifiers

The LCDC were the only trade organisation to be insistent of the introduction of the green and yellow badge taxi identification: The LCDC felt that the amount of suburban drivers entering to the green badge sector to work was unacceptable, over the years the number of suburban sector knowledge students was on the increase year after year, as seen by many of these students as quickly knowledge to gain access to the central London work in a fraction of the time taken to study for a green badge sector. This not only had an adverse effect on green badge holders that had endeavoured to complete the full knowledge of London, but it also had a impact on the travelling public that chose to use a licensed London taxi, by being overcharge when a suburban sector driver did not know where they were going and as a result overcharging our customer. Once many of our loyal customers had experienced a poor quality of knowledge displayed by the suburban driver and being overcharge are now lost to our competition and never to be seen by us again. The suburban drivers involved in this practice have caused untold damage to our customer base and were no better than PH touts.