Are TFL In Denial Over Prius Rapist?

As many of you would have read in the Sun Newspaper yesterday ( 12th April ) a woman got into a white Prius in Islington before being driven to Wormwood Scrubs in West London.

There, she was raped in the car, cops said. The Met Police are hunting Mr Salad Ahmed Mohamed and have urged the public not to approach him and to instead call 999 immediately.

Mohamed who has been known to frequent Islington, Finsbury Park and South Tottenham and has been described as of slim build and 5ft 10 tall.

Detectives also want to trace the white Toyota Prius Mohamed was driving.

On reading the story, the fact that it was reported she ” got into a white Prius” which as many of us know is a vehicle of choice for many PH drivers, and also the fact that they had already published a photograph of the “alleged” offender made me think that there was a strong possibility that he could be a TFL Licensed PH driver.

After reading the article I immediately emailed Dan Maskell to raise my concerns and asked whether or not  he was in fact a licensed PH driver.

If Mr Salad Mohamed is in fact a licensed PH driver, then surely TFL has a duty of care to the travelling public, especially when their motto is ” Every Journey Matters” to notify the public of possible danger of another woman suffering the same fate.

At the time of posting this article I had still not had a reply from Mr. Maskell .I did however visit TFL’s private hire checker and there is a driver registered with the same name ( see below ) could this be the same person the police are looking for?

The request I made to TFL is a very simple one and I am at a loss as to why I have still not received a reply?

Grant Davis

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