Arnhem Veterans Return to the Netherlands

The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans took a small group of veterans to The Netherlands over the weekend to visit the Airborne Museum.

This museum visit was originally planned for 2020 when the charity volunteers and veterans arrived in The Netherlands on 12 March, unfortunately the same day that pandemic restrictions were announced, and the museum closed. Two years later they were finally able to make their long-awaited return.

The group from the Taxi Charity  was welcomed to the Museum by the Director Ronnie Weijers, who said,

“It’s a great honour for me to be able to welcome veterans to the museum. Your courage and your sacrifice will always be remembered, and we are so glad you are here.”

WWII Veteran Dickie Forrester,  said,

“The Museum is very impressive, entertaining, and realistic. Most of those who fought here in Arnhem are no longer with us, so this has been a very emotional visit. As time marches on it’s easy to not remember, but we mustn’t forget, and fortunately I think there are enough people in the younger generations who want to  carry on the traditions of remembrance.”

Dick Goodwin, Vice President of the Taxi Charity said,

“It has been two years since we were in The Netherlands, and we were delighted to finally see the wonderful new displays and refit  at the Airborne Museum. The people of The Netherlands always give us the warmest welcome and everywhere we go people from each generation come forward to personally thank the veterans for fighting for their freedom.”

After the visit to the museum the veterans enjoyed lunch in the Hotel De Wereld in Wageningen, where the official surrender was signed. They then visited the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Oosterbeek where they laid wreaths and visited the graves of their friends and comrades.

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