EU Taxi Alliance Meeting


On Monday the 25th Jan, I caught the 8am train out of Ebbsfleet for Paris to attend a meeting with Taxi trade officials from Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and Switzerland to discuss the European threat from Uber and how we as an Industry move forward to fight this enemy.

On arrival in France we were met by Kamel a London driver whose family live in Paris and he then drove us to the meeting building which was used in the second world war by the French resistance:

On arrival and after introducing ourselves, we started to debate and discuss where we all go together and how we form an EU Taxi Alliance to represent the taxi Industry, within Europe.

I heard stories from French taxi drivers regarding the relationship between their Govt officials and Uber ( sounds familiar?) and about their planned Demo in Paris on the next day.

We talked about a strategy going forward for  European taxi drivers to have just one Generic taxi app to fight Uber head on with technology and this is going ahead. We all agreed to sign a EU Taxi treaty with plans and strategies, which I did.

As I grabbed a lift from one of the Parisian taxi drivers back to the Guard de nor I could not help in thinking that this not only could be a milestone for the taxi Industry in Europe, but also a turning point for us all in the battle with Uber.

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