FOI Request highlights PH License Revocations

A recent FOI request highlighting reasons behind PH driver licence revocation has flagged up some very serious concerns indeed.

The most serious convictions for the travelling public are those of sexual offences. “Serious” sexual offences were a frightening 110, whereas “Other” sexual offences were at 81 these figures highlight that on average there were nigh on 16 “sexual” offences a month.

Dishonesty came in at a whopping 407 and violence was 8.

Sexual offences by PH drivers must have shocked Tfl and they must be seriously concerned for the safety of the travelling public. Maybe Tfl should look into the vetting process at the application stage of a person wishing to be a PH driver, three years residency becoming mandatory and no longer accepting a letter of “good conduct” may go someway in closer examining  a drivers true history.

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