Grant Davis Meets with Boris


grant_and_boris2Today I met the Mayor at City Hall to discuss, once again the problems we are facing on a Daily basis in the cab trade.

We discussed the upcoming PH regulations, Boris was open and said he felt we would not get all of them as some such as the 5 minute wait, he said would be opposed by Uber’s customers and could be seen as unreasonable.
He also agreed with the LCDC that the levels of PH licences that have been issued in the capital have reached a level that is gone far! And went on to say neither he nor TFL have powers to halt issuing them and we needed new law in Parliament to change legislation.

Regarding Credit and debit cards he view was that every licensed taxi should take credit cards, as he feels this would be a major selling point for our trade to the travelling public.
He went on to say, TFL will run a publicity campaign for the licensed taxi trade when it becomes mandatory for the licensed taxi trade to take credit cards. This initiative will go along way to reach the travelling public and educate them to additional service we offer.

We discussed the growing problems with the DBS and he agreed with the LCDC that any taxi driver awaiting his renewal should be issued with a temporary licence, to stop any licensed taxi driver being exposed to any financial hardship!

The Mayor also said he has held meetings with Met Commissioner Sir Hogan Howe he wants the Met police to become more proactive dealing with illegal PH activity.
He stated that TFL will also invest in more enforcement officers that are badly needed.

He has agreed also for Tfl to run a publicity campaign for us when the CC becomes mandatory to try and educate the public to what we offer.

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