Healthy Streets – walking & cycling changes to the A10 Bishopsgate

TfL have announced their plans for the A10 Bishopsgate project, that they delivered temporarily last year as part of their Streetspace for London programme.  


TfL  have decided to retain the Bishospgate scheme with a new Experimental Traffic Order. This means that there will be a new six-month public consultation on the scheme, beginning potentially from mid-January. This email explains why we have taken this decision, and it includes some further details about the engagement and consultation we will now undertake.   


Bus journey times have significantly improved  


TfL found that the performance of buses on the Bishopsgate ‘corridor’ has significantly improved since the scheme was introduced. Northbound bus journey times along Bishopsgate are 38 per cent lower now than they were before the pandemic, and southbound journey times are 26 per cent lower. The chart below plots northbound bus journey times since April 2019 – July 2021. 


Traffic levels in parts of central London are currently lower than they were before the pandemic, and it is very difficult to predict future traffic patterns as London continues to recover from the coronavirus.  We will need to continue monitoring bus journey times in future as traffic patterns stabilise, and as more people return to their workplaces. 

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