Islington Council Elections | Independent Candidate Martyn Perks Talks About LTNs & More

Martyn Perks is standing as an independent candidate for the Bunhill Ward in the Islington Council elections on May 6th and is part of The London Democrats with a commitment to represent local people in their respective communities.

Grant Davis of the London Cab Drivers Club chats to Martyn Perks.

Martyn states that he is thinking of how to rebuild the sense of community in the local area. He feels that LTNs are an infringement of our local democracy as they were brought in without any consultation and feels that the 2 main parties are not listening to people and that is why he is standing as an independent.

Martyn would like to hold regular local meetings if elected to get the views of the community and wants to promote free speech and make the local council accountable.

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