Lewis Norton Branch Secretary of RMT London Taxi Branch has resigned tonight:

*RMT London Taxi Drivers 0930 Branch*

Notice of resignation:
Unfortunately due to
both personal & professional reasons I have decided to stand down from the post of branch secretary.
This has been a very difficult decsion to make but one I believe that is right for me.
Please may I take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and for giving me the opportunity to represent the RMT within the licensed taxi trade.
An election will be held on;
*Tuesday 13th February*
*7 – 9pm*
*Savoy Tup*
*2 Savoy St, WC2R 0BA*
For nominations please email assistant branch Secretary Andy Nicholls;
Please copy in regional organiser John Leach
In Solidarity
Lewis Norton
Branch Secretary
RMT London Taxi Drivers

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