Plans to prevent taxis from refusing disabled passengers clear Commons

LEVC with wheelchair ramp extended

With a new Bill being cleared at the commons today to address the inconsistencies in the Equality Act, this will hopefully ensure that all disabled people will receive protection from discrimination by taxi drivers. I for one think it is about time that drivers who deliberately ignore and refuse disabled passengers face the wrath of their licensing authorities if they choose to act in such a profoundly negative way.

It is a fundamental right for everyone to be treated equally and we have all seen and read stories in the media where a guide dog has been refused and even disabled passengers blatantly refused, it is shocking and must stop.

I am thinking where this leaves the PH trade as the refusal of guide dogs seems rife within the industry and also we know that with the current fleet of PH in London, their wheelchair  accessible vehicles are  less than 0.1% how can they meet their equality bill?

How can you pick up a wheelchair passenger in a four door saloon car?

Surely on the back of this Bill, maybe Transport for London should insist that every Operator fulfills their disability obligations.

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