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“I Fought Off Sex Beast In A Minicab”


Evening Standard Exclusive

“I Fought Off Sex Beast In A Minicab”,
Chris Huhne’s Daughter Reveals…..
A Night Club In Clapham February 2014

The daughter of former cabinet minister Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce today told how she headbutted an unlicensed taxi driver who was trying to sexually assault her.
Lydia Huhne, 24, was returning home in the early hours after a night out at a friend’s birthday party on Saturday when she was assaulted.

She said she wanted to speak out to raise awareness of the dangers women face, and called for girls to be given self-defence classes at school.
the driver stopped a short distance away…..
The horrific incident took place at around 1.30am as she made her way home from a nightclub in Clapham, a short distance from her home.
She had wanted to leave as she was “quite merry” and wanted to “avoid embarrassment”, so a bouncer hailed a cab for her.
Ms Huhne directed him to her road, but rather than taking her home, the driver – described as a stocky Afro-Carribean man – stopped a short distance away and locked the doors.

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