Taxi medicals on the Agenda:

On Monday I represented the Club at Tfl regarding the on going situation with Driver medicals, this all stems from the expose in The Sun Newspaper where PH drivers were actually “buying” their medicals without undertaking the proper medical tests.

Tfl are looking at outsourcing the medicals to as of yet a “unknown” private medical provider and thus bring parity with both sides of the industry where we all sit the same medical.

The cost of these medicals will be in the region they say of between £100 – 150 and the provider must have locations around London and also provide parking facilities.

Tfl went on to say that the return of unsatisfactory medical forms is at 60% and they hope by outsourcing, this will be cut?

The Club, if honest are not comfortable with this, the majority of taxi drivers have a GP and again this is a knee jerk reaction we feel to the amount of abuse by PH drivers who have lived in the U.K. for such a short space of time, thy may not even have a GP, but they want to get a PH licence in London and having a medical is a requisite to do so.

There is more work to be done and we will keep our members up to date

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