TfLs Dereliction of Duty

The bigger picture from today is the dereliction of duty from our Regulator, TFL.Tfl had undertaken a “model investigation” into the Uber working model and there were extensive meetings between Uber management and Tfl management individuals some eight years ago.

Below is an email we obtained by FOI request several years ago that shows Uber was asked then, just who was the transport provider….

Uber said it was the driver ( which was unlawful) so Uber was told it had to change its terms on who was the transport provider?That is what the court hearing was about todayWHO IS THE TRANSPORT PROVIDER AT UBER

It seems either Tfl allowed had uber to carry on claiming the driver was the provider ( principal )or it was Uber, the company, which the Judge has declared today.The real issue the Club has with Tfl is, just how long have you knowingly allowed Uber to carry on without defining to you, who is the Principal?

I believe the taxi trade should now be seeking a public investigation into the relationship between UBER and TFL officials, past and present.It is my opinion, that what has been allowed to carry on here with Uber is nothing short of criminal and the trade need answers to why no action had ever been instigated by our Regulator on the Uber principal situation.

It was 8 years ago Uber was asked to declare who was principal, but it has taken a judge today, to define it.Transport for London should hang their heads in shame

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