Trade Meeting with LEVC

Today I attended a meeting with LEVC, mytaxi, GETT, UNITE and blue Rubicon. Unfortunately, I’m guessing due to other commitments there was no LTDA, UCG, RMT present which is a shame as I believe the new Taxi we are having to buy could maybe be a bridge to far for the Trade:

There has been a trickle not a flood of new TXe vehicles hitting the streets and this has stopped drivers actually seeing the cab out on the streets. LEVC are keen to engage with drivers to discuss ownership costs and they wish to put to bed rumours that have been circulating in the Trade over charging & savings.

We all agreed Tfl could have done a lot better regarding charge points, but as I said ” what’s new?”

I said without UBER, drivers would have felt more confident in the trades long term future and made the financial commitment, but due solely to Tfl incompetence,uncertainly and mistrust still prevails.

When Tfl spend £900m on the CSH and just £4.5m on charge points, we should all know where we sit within Tfl.

If you are a member of the Club and would like the opportunity to see the cab at the Clubs HQ, then please let us know and I will arrange with them to bring a TXe over to us.

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