Uber driver refuses Italian group because he’s ‘worried for his health’

This is the moment an Uber driver admits he cancelled an Italian group’s journey over suspected fears of catching coronavirus. One of the men in the group of four, Dylan Bastonini, 19, can be heard arguing with the driver after he refused to allow the group into the vehicle outside London Zoo. Dylan shared footage of the incident on Thursday, in which the driver can be heard saying he cancelled the trip because the passengers were Italian after allegedly asking their nationality. The driver tells them he ‘can’t’ allow them in as he is worried about his ‘health safety’, suggesting he could be referring to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy. More than 3,000 people have been confirmed with Covid-19 in the country and 148 have died. Dylan uploaded footage of the incident on Facebook and wrote: ‘Just our Uber driver rejecting us for being Italians but we live here since September

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