Uber’s License is due for renewal this weekend

The LCDC have emailed TfL regarding the Uber license renewal which is due this weekend

Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London

Hi TfL

Hope you are well

Is there any reason why the licensing figures haven’t been updated since W/E 06/03?


Additionally, we know Uber’s licence is due for renewal this weekend, how can you relicence when the general terms and conditions on their website still state it’s drivers that enter into a contract with passengers (please see screenshot) 

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As you can all see from the email the LCDC have sent TFL, Uber have their license up for renewal this weekend.

But if you look at their T&C`s Uber are still stating that the contract is between the customer and the driver, but as was proven  by the Court, the contract is between Uber ( the principal ) and the customer.

If Uber does not change the wording on their terms and conditions, then one has to ask, how can TFL possibly

renew their license when they are basically putting up two fingers to the Court?

I am no lawyer, but I would have thought that any company / individual that goes against the law of the land and requests a license must be refused on the grounds of being “Fit & Proper”

I for one will not hold my breath and await a visit to the Mayor’s office from Uber imminently.

Grant Davis

Dara Khosrowshahi – Uber CEO

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