We talk to Roy McMaster who was instrumental getting the Mercedes Vito Taxi into London plus more. E8

On today’s show we will be talking to Roy McMaster who has been involved in the cab trade for the last 40 years he first worked with LTI and was instrumental getting the Mercedes Vito into London. In later years he had worked at PENSO. Roy was involved with the LCDC in producing our submission to the ULEZ proposals back in 2015.

The response from drivers on last week’s show concerning the state of the knowledge was really amazing. I just want to remind everybody that all the trade Orgs will be attending TAXI House tomorrow to discuss the current state of affairs. Whilst everyone has agreed that we protect the high standard, we must find a way to somehow make the KOL more accessible and attractive for new candidates.

Following on from last week we have the latest stats on taxi drivers and vehicle numbers from Transport for London

Taxi Driver Licenses: 20,070 Down 38 from last week.
Taxi Vehicle Licenses: 13,859 Down 42 from last week.

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