Winter Wonderland Taxi Suspension

Given the amount of correspondence being circulated on this matter and in the absence of any explanation as to why you believe that this is an appointed Taxi Rank, it is best if I clarify the situation with the suspension of the two coach bays on Park Lane for WWL.As far as I am aware no order has been made, making this an appointed rank. The suspension request from PWR Events was for the two northernmost bays on the north bound carriageway in the vicinity of Brook Gate (30m in length). When this was discussed at WEP, I pointed out to all those who attended that although you can suspend one type of parking and replace it with another; it then becomes a conversion, which cannot be enforced unless it is accompanied by an order. Therefore as it was imperative that the area be kept clear for taxis only, it was suspended as a pick up and set down area for taxis only, as this is not classed as parking, it can be enforced, as long as the suspension signage is in place, thereby keeping it clear for the taxi industry.

Having checked our data base, we have not issued any tickets for vehicles parking in this suspension, although we have issued some soft actions (advice/moved on). In total since the 19/11/15 when the suspension was put in place, our marshals have carried out;
• 1,166 visits at an average of 55 per day
• Deployed to this location for 120.26 hours

Following complaints from the Coach Industry, both I and Stakeholder Officers visited the location, and witnessed, Taxis over ranking into the 3 coach spaces behind the two suspended bays, taking up in total 4 spaces (an additional 30m), to compound this the dolly stops put out, had also been moved to the end of the coach bays giving the impression that the whole coach parking area was a taxi rank. The resultant action taken, was to move the dolly stops to the suspension boundaries, and inform our contractors to take enforcement action against any vehicles other than coaches in the remaining 3 spaces, we also tidied up all the suspension signage, following on from the MPS VOSA check operation, removing all redundant signage. These coach bays are 3 of only a limited amount of coach spaces currently in Westminster. This allows free parking for coaches from 18.30 to midnight, and is essential to the Coach Industry. And I would appreciate it, if you could make your members aware of this.

Our enforcement contractors have been instructed, not to take any action against Black Cabs whilst on the 30m Suspension, even if they are waiting. But if they are over ranking into the remaining coach bays they will be dealt with.

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